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We are a family business - Isabelle and Amanda, a mother and daughter team of face painters.  Occasionally other family members help out at larger events.  We are located in South-Western Ontario and primarily work in the St. Thomas and London area.

We use only high quality professional face painting products that are specifically designed for face painting use.  They are water based and safe for use on children.  They are easy to remove, generally with water only and perhaps a touch of mild soap. 

No matter who you choose to paint your face, make sure the paints they use are meant for skin!

Lots of people want to know how we got started, and how we learned to face paint.  So here's our story!  Several years ago, Amanda's sister was asked to do some volunteer face painting at a Girl Guides event.  Amanda went along to help, and the whole thing blossomed from there!  It was so much fun that we bought some Snazaroo face paints and started teaching ourselves the basics.  At that time there weren't very many resources to learn from - we got some books and practiced on each other for many hours.  We did some local events and our simple designs were well received.

Within a couple of years, the world of face painting changed - there were new styles, new techniques, new products and a lot of new resources that didn't exist before.  Recognizing that we needed to improve our skills and make our designs more exciting, we started to really invest time and money in this direction.  

We have spent hundreds of hours practicing, studying and sharing knowledge with other face painters world wide.  We have learned a great deal from online classes, and we have travelled to attend live workshops with the internationally acclaimed Wolfe brothers and with Gary Cole, (then president of Snazaroo U.S., now president of Ruby Red Paints Inc.)

Eventually our goal is to attend some of the international events such as FABAIC, FPBA, Bodyssey, La Fete, Seeboden or the World Face Painting Competition to see some of the masters of the art and to continue to expand and improve ourselves.  We love the reaction people have when they see themselves transformed, and the better we get at our art, the more amazing the transformation will be!  For an example of an amazing transformation, see the bottom pictures below!  This is what inspires us.

- Isabelle and Amanda  
(aka Girl Friday)
Class with Gary Cole
Isabelle with Gary Cole
then president of Snazaroo U.S.
now president of Ruby Red Paints Inc.
Isabelle with the Wolfe brothers
Isabelle with the Wolfe brothers
Amanda with one of the Wolfe Brothers
Amanda with one of the Wolfe brothers
Amanda - the "after" picture!
Amanda after the Wolfe brothers perform their magic on her!

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